Monday, 7 September 2009

GTA Xbox 360 World Preview

Latest issue of Xbox 360 World on sale today in UK. Scroll down for four new screenshots

Credit goes to GTAfans over at gtaforums for the summary. Scans provided by myself.

Xbox World 360 Magazine
Xbox World 360 is on sale now in the UK.
  • The HUD is a "Parma Violet-style pink/purple".
  • The Ballad of Gay Tony will feature around 20 missions - requiring roughly same amount of time to complete.
  • Missions get scored out of 100% depending on your style and efficiency. You can re-play missions at any time in order to improve your scores.
  • Three nightclubs are accessible - Bahama Mamas, Hercules and Maisonette 9. Luis is tasked with managing Hercules and Maisonette 9 - the two clubs which belong to Gay Tony. Hercules was off-limits during this preview.
  • The golf course in Algonquin behind Memory Lanes is open for business! A golfing minigame is available.
  • New websites have been added to the in-game internet.
  • A new car based on a Bentley continental Convertible is called the Super Drop Diamond.
  • Four missions were previewed during the demo, two of which we heard about in previous previews:
The following two missions are brand new previews, not seen before.
  • "Going Deep" - This mission involves silencing detectives who have evidence on Bulgarin and Timur which could see them go to jail. The plan is to rig their vehicle with a satchel bomb in an underground car park, but the cops are already onto them. Once the attackers are dead, the detectives chase Luis and Timur.
  • "Sexy Time" - Yusuf wants to acquire an attack chopper called the Buzzard. It belongs to a group of arms dealers, and is situated on a yacht. Luis has to sneak on board without security seeing him and then steal the chopper. As Luis makes his way back to Yusuf's pad, Yusuf calls and orders him to go back and destroy the yacht. Some of the gangsters escape on speedboats, so the final task is to eliminate them.

The preview also contains four new screenshots. (Click them to see original fullsize scans at

Cheers for your views and hope you all Enjoy Gay Tony on October 29th 2009!!!